Altitude 2016 Day Five – THANK YOU!


The last day of Altitude 2016 came far too quickly. What an amazing week it was, and knowing we only had one more night of world class comedy in the beautiful surrounds of Mayrhofen left an air of anticipation, we all knew it was going to be a big night. 

The Apres Ski show in the Sports Bar kicked off with the usual antics of the Improv Allstars Steve Frost, Andy Smart, Ian Coppinger and Andre Vincent. As always, the topics were random, the skits mad and the jokes hilarious. We love those guys. 

Next on to the Gala Show and who else could host but the one and only, Altitude founder Andrew Maxwell?! Walking on in his brand new lederhosen donated by the town of Mayrhofen and his Beavis and Butthead socks from Stance, Maxwell looked every bit the local. Andrew warmed up the crowd with ease, focusing on a pair of Americans in the crowd.


First up was Alfie Brown. With two awesome sets at the Late Show already under his belt, Brown was already well into the Altitude spirit. Anecdotes of meeting the vegan partner of a friend, and watching the news with his child, Brown’s set was a cleverly formed piece in which he cleverly satirised the sorry state of society. 


Next was Phil Nichol, who’s erratic and fast-paced style was in contrast to, but complimented Alfie Brown. A mixture of laugh out loud one liners, mixed with tales of splitting up with his ex, and of course an acoustic rock and roll song entitled ‘Bi-Furious’ meant that Nichol’s show was a journey, a multi-sensory experience of the best kind. The interval had arrived of the final Gala show of the week, and the excitement was building for what the crowd knew was coming.

Marcus Brigstocke took to the stage, a looming figure of comical genius! Having been on Channel 4’s The Jump last year, Marcus tells the story of his knee break on the show and his subsequent recovery. A lengthy process, this involved lots of morphine and storage wars. His set is perfectly paced, with big laughs at every turn, be it on taking speed awareness courses or the annoyance of the misuse of the acronyms PIN and ATM. Marcus was very aware lots where here to see John Bishop, but his set was so good that we could have watched him all night long! Marcus came off stage to rapturous applause. This could only mean one thing – it was time. 


Maxwell introduced John Bishop onto stage and he appeared wearing the space suit he had just been given from the European Space Agency. He got straight to it and delivered a set that lived up to every expectation. It was packed with laughs that almost lifted the roof of the Europahaus. Our fave part was when he told us of his experience seeing U2 last year. He’s a comedian that everyone can relate to, and he showed as the final act on the final Gala show of Altitude 2016 why he is worthy of all of the hype that surrounds him. We loved every second, and we’re happy to say that John loves us back! John was very complimentary about Altitude, and we all blushed. 

After Bishop’s triumphant set, all of the comedians joined each other on stage for a photo, and then the whole Altitude team joined them. Altitude head honcho Brett Vincent then took to the mic, and proceeded to say his thanks. Much to everyone’s joy and surprise, Brett then called his girlfriend Mhairi over (who he got together with at Altitude 2 years ago), and proposed to her! It was a wonderful moment, and we’re so glad we got to share it with you too! Mhairi said yes (phew!) and everyone celebrated! 


The Europahaus was for the last night only, the venue for the late show. In quick fire bursts of 5 minutes, many of the comedians that had graced the stage over the past week, who had by now had more than a few drinks, came out and entertained the crowd who were also rather inebriated. Andrew Maxwell, Luisa Omielan, Andre Vincent, Phil Nichol, Daniel Sloss, Ian Coppinger and more had one last little fix of stage time, and thrilled the crowds in the last show of Altitude 2016.

We can’t quite believe that Altitude is now over for another year. We’d like to take this opportunity to say a MASSIVE thank you to all involved for making it undoubtedly the best one yet. You all really stepped up this year.  If you took photos, share them with us! Tweet us @AltitudeComedy and #Altitude16. 

We’re also very happy that Altitude is coming back to Mayrhofen in December this year! We hope you will all join us again for a week of amazing snow and world class comedy! 

More info coming soon…