Relax and Unwind



As well as being the home of Altitude, the picturesque village of Mayrhofen also plays host to one of the most luxurious spas in the Austrian mountains.

Most of Altitude’s hotels boast fantastic spa’s – from roof top hot tubs; offering panoramic views of the gasp-inducing peaks, to balmy Moroccan-themed pools and relaxation rooms.

Altitude must be the only festival where you can enjoy 7 different types of sauna before watching the headline comedian! Festival goers can make full use of a rejuvenating selection of detox/pre-tox treatments or simply chill out and meditate in the Zen garden, soaking up the sunshine and catching up on the gossip…

The ultimate pamper palace is the Hotel Strass Wellness area – two floors of serenity in the snow; take a Thalasso, hog a Hammam or merely melt into a massage before the night ahead.


Amongst the breathtaking, awe inspiring Alpine heights, and nestled deep underground, lies the Strass Wellness Centre – a haven of peace and recuperation outside the fast paced, full-on, alcohol-fuelled action of the street parties, music stages and sports.

Moroccan themed marble design completes the spacious retreat along with relaxed outdoor gardens with panoramic views of the amazing landscape. Named by Cosmopolitan as ‘One of the top Ten Spa’s in the World’ and a favourite of health guru Carole Caplin, The Strass Spa offers a wide range of facilities and treatments including:

Finish and Bio Sauna, A choice of a 90 degree sauna or the more gentle 70 degree room that works with light therapy to encourage good circulation.

Steam Bath and Inhalation Cave, The Roman steam bath softens the skin & soothes the respiratory system along with the cleansing steam and salt air of the Inhalation cave.

Hamam Aromatic inhalation in the Sauna opens and detoxes the pores followed by an intensive Turkish Massage using specialist foam lotions.

Thalasso and Salt Water Pool Under-water massage and a healing bath to relax and rejuvinate the body, calm the mind and strengthen the immune system.


The Austrians excel in wellness as much as in winter sports. Each breath of Alpine O2 fills your lungs with life-affirming spirit and delivers oxygen to your aching limbs and muscles.

Take a stroll through the silent cathedral-like pine forests which enclose this chocolate box resort, or follow the flow of the Ziller river.

The Mystical Mayrhofen resort is reputed to be energized by its location at the point where four valleys meet; each one shepherding a river, which converge to create a natural energy.

And that’s not all… the skyline is dominated by the Grundberg mountain; In particular a glacial feature which resembles a perfectly shaped heart. The locals believe that if you kiss someone during a full moon below the ‘heart of the mountain’, they will never forget you.

Ah… how romantic!


Everyone who visits Mayrhofen returns with a tan; not an orange, “straight outta Loughton High St” ghastly complexion; more a healthy glow caused by feeling the warm spring sunshine, through an unpolluted atmosphere at altitude.

…And you don’t even have to spend all day gliding around the gentle pistes to get that bronzed and beautiful look, half an hour on your balcony will do the trick!

The majority of our rooms come with a balcony – 90% of them are private and secluded, allowing you to get that all-over glow or to enjoy some ‘al fresco’ action and put on a show for the passing paragliders. (judging from the tales our pilot mate Juergen Stock tells us, this isn’t as common as you might think!)


Whisper it very softly, but the fact is that Altitude is about the only festival in the world which comes with a ‘mud free guarantee’ (in fact we promise the only mud we’ll see is the one the beautician puts on your face!).

Which other festie offers you the chance to enjoy a rooftop Jacuzzi rather than a draughty tent or cold shower block?